RecWell Story

What's Your Story?

RecWell is special because of the stories and personal journeys that impact lives in a variety of ways. What story can you share to help “tell the story” of RecWell? Maybe you met a lifelong friend at a weekly yoga class. Climbed new heights you never thought possible on a trip to the Outdoor Center. Learned leadership skills as an employee. Whatever your story is, RecWell wants to hear about it. Maybe your story will inspire someone else’s journey.

Contact Mark Joekel at to learn how to share your story.

An Intro To Youth Programs

UMN Youth Programs Intro 2017

"I’ve grown as a person in that I’ve found a large part of who I am while being at RecWell"

Annie, Senior
Graphic Design Intern / Climbing Wall Supervisor

"For me, it goes beyond the physical health benefits. Yoga is where I go to see my friends, take a break from school, and take time for myself. "

Rebecca, Sophomore
Group Fitness Participant

"RecWell has given me a community I am proud to belong in. I can thank RecWell for providing me with a job and skill set, but more importantly, I thank it for a network of friends."

Lana, Senior
Graphic Design Intern / Intramural Supervisor