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Ioana “Coca” Vladislav

Who I Am:

A fun “Grandma-ma”, who enjoys life and learning about my history's profession in order to apply techniques/treatments to my patients as desired. I love anthropology, all other sciences, history of the world, especially ancient history. 

I have a daughter, two grandkids, a son-in-law, and I am a widow twice. I enjoy traveling, cooking, having fun, politics, and debate in an open forum as during the first Republic in Greece.

I was a Track & Field athlete, gymnast, bowler and chess player.  Today, however, I am an educator; teaching life experiences and telling proverbs to the kids/youngsters and adults.

What I Do:

I’ve been a certified Massage Therapist since 1990 in the US.  I’ve also had my own private practice since then and still have it.  I worked in Boynton Health from 1999-2018 and now have been serving the community at RecWell since August 2018.

Through the years I have received education to better treat Lymphedema, Craniosacral, Fibromyalgia, Lower Back, Multiple Sclerosis, various origins of pain, Acupressure/Reflexology and many more.

What My Sessions Are Like:

I do enjoy having medical or light-hearted conversations specific to troubleshooting during the treatment but I can talk about anything you’d like. I do respectfully ask if it is okay to share my opinion, otherwise, I keep it to myself.  I am a jokester and love meeting new people.

I have low-vision (legally blind), which has given me an enhanced tactile/touch more acute than the sight.

I use a non-odor based cream directly on the skin while also using the bed sheets to apply better pressure to the targeted muscles.  To expose a muscle, I sometimes move the arms or other body segments to put a muscle on stretch.

headshot photo of massage therapist coca