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Sport Clubs

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All sports clubs events and activities are canceled.

Sport Clubs program provides high quality competitive and instructional sports opportunities for RecWell members. The competitive aspect of the Clubs allows their members to compete against other intercollegiate sports teams, while the instructional aspect of Clubs offers members the chance to enhance their skills in a sports activity.

Club Directory

Listed are active Sport Clubs associated with Recreation and Wellness. There are many other registered student organizations on campus. To find other sport-related clubs at the University of Minnesota, visit the Student Unions and Activities.


Club President's Name Contact Donate to a Club Sport


Tianyu Tao Donate to Aikido

Ballroom Dance

Brittney Heisserer Donate to Ballroom Dance


Jacob Bierman Donate to Crew


Ellie Hedlund Donate to Cycling


Henry Creech Donate to Fencing


Andrew Burkhart Donate to Handball

Hockey, Men's

Dylan Ross Donate to Men's Hockey

Hockey, Women's

Cristi Oliver Donate to Women's Hockey


Karl Ratner Donate to Judo

Lacrosse, Women's

Becky Genzler Donate to Women's Lacrosse


Blake Slette Donate to Nordic Ski

Rugby, Men's

Robert Licari Donate to Men's Rugby

Rugby, Women's

Brooke Doerscher Donate to Women's Rugby

Shotokan Karate

Samantha Knight  

Soccer, Men's

Peter Stoltenberg Donate to Men's Soccer

Soccer, Women's

Kaitlin Buehl Donate to Women's Soccer


Maddie Strand Donate to Squash


Paige Kutzora Donate to Synchro

Tae Kwon Do

Kenneth Barta Donate to Tae Kwon Do


Chloe Hall Donate to Tennis

Ultimate, Men's

Daniel Meiland Donate to Men's Ultimate

Ultimate, Women's

Maggie Sleeth Donate to Women's Ultimate

Volleyball, Men's

Quinton Gabrielli Donate to Men's Volleyball

Volleyball, Women's

Klara Grochulska  


Danny Ogranovich Donate to Water Polo