Group Fitness

Minneapolis Schedule (January 16 — May 4, 2018)

Minneapolis Schedule (January 16 — May 4, 2018)

St. Paul Schedule (January 16 — May 4, 2018)

St. Paul Schedule (January 16 — May 4, 2018)

Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Your Level of Fitness is Welcome Here.

Aqua Strength

Exercise in a swimming pool and use the water’s resistance to build strength and power. All swimming and dance levels are welcome.

Aqua Zumba

Take Zumba to a whole new level, in the pool. All swimming and dance levels are welcome.


High energy and performance-based. A great workout for the athlete seeking speed, power, and agility. All fitness levels are welcome.

Cardio Kickboxing

Kick, punch, hook and jab in this cardio class. All fitness levels are welcome.


Take cardio fitness to the next level by biking through a series of drills and games in this class. Adjustable resistance makes this class perfect for all fitness levels. All fitness levels are welcome.

Cycle Flow

Experience the muscular and cardiovascular challenge of a 30-minute cycle class, followed by 30 minutes of slow-paced Vinyasa Flow yoga to stimulate recovery and improve the mobility of the whole body. This all-levels, hybrid class will be sure to get your heart rate up and then help bring it back down in a mindful and relaxing way. All fitness levels are welcome.

Cycle Strength

A mix of cycling drills and whole body strength exercises to complete a full body workout. All fitness levels are welcome.

Gentle Yoga

This relaxed version of yoga emphasizes mental relaxation through breathing instruction and slow yoga stretches and poses. All fitness levels are welcome.


30 minutes of functional core exercises are in store. This class is a great addition to your normal routine. All fitness levels are welcome.


This full body workout uses high work-to-rest ratios to get the most out of workouts. This is a high-level workout, but all fitness levels are welcome.

Hip Hop Jam

This class will combine easily to follow cardio dance moves with plyometrics for a total body burn. All the while listening to hip-hop music from a variety of decades. All fitness levels are welcome.

Kundalini Yoga

Focused on building energy and endurance, Kundalini Yoga is set at a slower pace to allow for true inner focus. All fitness levels are welcome.


This unique class concentrates on strength and stabilization of muscles while increasing flexibility and energizing the body. All fitness levels are welcome.

Power Yoga

Speed up traditional flow through this fitness based class. This class can take practice to the next level both mentally and physically. All fitness levels are welcome. 

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a class focused on healing and relaxation. Come to class to unwind before or after a long day of work and class. Holding poses for a longer duration, along with the use of breath and support of props allows participants to bring deep relaxation to the physical, mental and emotional body. All fitness levels are welcome.


Challenge the body in this extreme crossing training setting, as participants row, lift, squat and lunge to the next level. This class is great for those seeking a challenge. All fitness levels are welcome.

Total Body Strength

Upper body, lower body, and core. With plenty of equipment and options to go around, this class is great for anyone looking to build their strength. All fitness levels are welcome.


Set aside those dumbbells and grab a TRX strap in this full body strength class. All fitness levels are welcome.

Water Aerobics

A low to moderate aquatic workout that will build strength and endurance. All swimming levels are welcome.

Yoga Flow

Connect mind and body through Yoga Flow. This class is great for beginners and those seeking the mental benefits of yoga. All fitness levels are welcome.

Yoga Sculpt

Combine traditional yoga poses and a high-intensity workout in Yoga Sculpt. This fast-paced class is great for fitness enthusiasts and experienced yoga fanatics. All fitness levels are welcome.   


This Latin-inspired dance class will have participants sweating and smiling with energetic routines and upbeat music. No dance experience necessary. All fitness levels are welcome.


Your Level of Fitness is Welcome Here.

Before Attending

Daily (Member) $10
Daily (Non-Member) $15
MPLS Fall / Spring Semester $55
SPG Fall / Spring Semester $40

FitPass Information

Private Group Fitness

Plan a private group fitness class with friends, co-workers, and other groups. RecWell provides an instructor, space, and any necessary equipment.

Each private group fitness class has a flat fee of $100/hour, which can be taken by cash, credit, check or internal transfer at the Member Services Desk prior to the session. Groups can be up to 80 individuals.