COVID-19 Response: Updates & FAQs


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Tri-U-Mah Triathlon 




About Tri-U-Mah

Join us for the 17th annual Tri-U-Mah COVID friendly “compete from anywhere” format. The tradition continues, with several changes for this year’s event:

Competition is April 19-23 and is free to participate but does require pre-registration.

Complete 90 minutes of physical activity and record your distance. 

Break down the 90 minutes of physical activity however you would like - keep to tradition and do a 30 minute swim, 30 minute bike, and 30 minute run or mix it up and do a different combo like a 45 minute row and 45 minute bike.

Activity can be done anywhere - at the RecWell Center, at your home gym, or even outside! Day passes for RecWell access are available for purchase at our member services desk if you aren’t a member but would like to do the event at our facility.

Once you’ve completed your “race,” submit your distance to us and receive your completion certificate.

Use this year’s special edition of Tri-U-Mah to connect with past teammates for some healthy competition, push yourself to complete a personal goal, or celebrate what your body is capable of doing! Registration now open!

Please compete safely and follow MDH’s COVID-19 physical activity guidelines. We are looking forward to you joining us “virtually” for Tri U Mah this year!

Need some tips before participating?

Check out these stationary bike tips to up your game! 

Watch our beginner video to learn more about how to properly set your bike up and adjust your bike and watch our advanced video to learn more about the display screen and maintaining power throughout your ride.

Looking to commemorate the event?

Tri-U-Mah 2021 participation shirts are available for $15 when you register. Pick-up is available at RecWell the week following the event.



Contact Ben Kohler at (612) 626-4400.