University Wellbeing Classes

Wellness at Work

University Wellness Classes are offered through the Employee Wellness Program and are open to all UPlan members and their spouses.

The Wellness Program
(612) 624-8647

Classes Available

Classes are eight weeks in length and meet twice per week (sixteen total sessions).

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All classes are located in the Lower Fitness Center in the North Building of the Minneapolis facility.


Classes are 45-minutes in length with group sizes of 4 — 10 people. Classes are led by certified personal trainers who provide modifications and variable intensity options depending on participants' physical abilities.


Assessments are conducted 1 — 2 weeks before and after the program, extending the program to about 10 — 12 weeks in length.  Depending on the class chosen, some assessment(s) could include:

  • Body Composition Test — BodPod
  • Submaximal Test — Walking Treadmill
  • General Fitness Assessment — Push-Ups, Leg Press, Sit-and-Reach, Curl-Up, etc.
  • Functional Movement Test

These assessments help participants learn more about their bodies and how their class has impacted their physical abilities after the program.