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Discover a world of hands-on interactive fun with enrichment topics that feature active participation and imagination. Kids' University camps combine approximately two to three hours of academic enrichment a day, introducing the fascinating worlds of agriculture, language, math or science in a format that focuses on fun. The rest of the day is spent playing sports or games, swimming, rock climbing, and exploring the many facets of the University of Minnesota, resulting in a great, well-rounded experience.

2015 Kids' U Summer Camp Schedule

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A Bee's Life

Do you find yourself buzzing about bees? Are you sweet on nature's little honeys'? Younger campers are invited to spend the week learning about bee biology and what life would be like if you lived in a bee colony. Learn all about bee relatives; how bees help us grow our food, and even make some Honey Treats for yourself!

Day Ages Barcode Price
June 23-27 6-8 7506 $289
July 7-11 8-10 7507 $289

Adventures in Engineering Design

Think you could hold up a brick with nothing but note cards? How tall can you build a structure with 2 pieces of paper? Will your boat made out of clay hold the most people? Satisfy your curiosity and rise to the challenge of this fun and exciting camp! Activities are hands-on challenges that focus on the engineering design process. They use simple materials, allow for multiple solutions, and inspire youth to build on their natural curiosity through creative thinking, cooperation, positive use of failure and the problem solving process.

Day Ages Barcode Price
July 14-18 7-8 7368 $279
July 21-25 7-9 7369 $279
August 4-8 6-8 7370 $279
August 18-22 6-8 7371 $279

Blast Off! Rocketry

This action packed camp focuses solely on rockets and the physics of rocket flight. Learn about model rocket design, aerodynamics, building, propulsion, launching, safety, and repair. Students build a variety of rockets to take home and take part in daily launches. Whether you are serious about model rockets or just a novice, this camp is a blast for boys and girls alike.

Day Ages Barcode Price
July 14-18 8-10 7378 $309
July 28 - Aug 1 8-10 7379 $309
August 11-15 6-7 7380 $309
August 11-15 6-8 7381 $309
August 18-22 6-8 7382 $309


Find out why Chess is the most popular game in the world. This camp covers rules, strategies and tactics as we bring the pieces to life in a fun way using creativity and imagination. Try a giant chess set; the biggest you've ever seen! The benefits of chess have been proven to help with logic, memory, analysis, reading, and more. Beginners and those with some experience are welcome.

Day Ages Barcode Price
August 11-15 9-11 7385 $299
August 18-22 7-9 7386 $299

Chinese for Immersion Students

If you are a student at a full-immersion school, this is your chance to explore new dimensions of Chinese language and youth culture. Learn to play the same games, read the same books, and share stories just like your Chinese peers like to do in China. This camp will also have a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) through fun activities. Meet new friends or sign up with classmates to have some fun before the new school year. This camp is reserved only for those who attended 100% Mandarin immersion programs since kindergarten.

Day Ages Barcode Price
July 14-18 9-11 7388 $309

Chinese Language & Culture

Do you know which country is currently home to the most English speakers in the world? Believe it or not, it's China. Immerse yourself in the culture and learn Chinese! Experience the routine of a traditional exercise such as Taiji Quan or basic Kung Fu. A one hour Chinese lesson, plus a Chinese game and a project such as knot typing, paper cutting, or others will make this an exciting camp for all.

Day Ages Barcode Price
July 7-11 6-8 7389 $309
July 7-11 9-11 7390 $309
July 14-18 6-8 7391 $309

Earth, Cosmos, & Beyond

Discover the wonders of the night sky and explore the solar system, galaxy, and universe. Where have we been, where can we go, and what does it take to get there? Fun activities that are out of this world will help you find answers to these questions! Investigate the Earth's rotation, the sun, planets and moon, life beyond Earth, space exploration, myths and realities. This camp also includes a session in the Bell Museum's popular ExploraDome.

Day Ages Barcode Price
June 9-13 10-12 7401 $284

Engineering, Science & U

A unique look at the world of science, engineering, technology and mathematics is waiting for you! Participate in hands on activities and interesting topics designed to introduce you to many opportunities for an exciting future. Feed your passion or find a new one as you discover how you can create a career almost anywhere in the world. A partnership with the College of Science and Engineering is providing targeted funding for this camp. This general session for boys and girls requires an application through CSE by the deadline of 3/28/14, online at

Day Ages Barcode Price
June 23-27 14-15 7361 $50
July 7-11 14-15 7362 $50

Engineering, Science & U (for girls)

A unique look at the world of science, engineering, technology and mathematics is waiting for you! Participate in hands on activities and interesting topics designed to introduce you to many opportunities for an exciting future. Feed your passion or find a new one as you discover how you can create a career almost anywhere in the world. A partnership with the College of Science and Engineering is providing targeted funding for this camp. This is a girls' only session and allows access for this traditionally under-represented group. First come, first served through regular registration.

Dates Ages Barcode Price
June 23-27 14-15 7363 $50
July 7-11 14-15 7364 $50

Engineering in Nature

Explore how nature inspires human design and engineering in this brand new camp! This week you will spend time looking at examples of exquisite "engineering" in the natural world. Get ready for adventure with an engineering and nature scavenger hunt, dissecting a flower, fish or grasshopper, building different bird nests and beaver lodges, and designing your own insect traps. From spider webs to pitcher plants and flying machines, you will discover the deep connections between nature and the human-made environment.

Day Ages Barcode Price
July 14-18 8-9 7514 $284
July 14-18 10-12 7515 $284

Enraptured w/ Raptors

Want to learn all about the birds of prey called raptors? Find out what characteristics all raptors have in common and the differences between owls, falcons, hawks, and other raptors. Take part in activities at the Raptor Center, see live raptors up close, plus attend a related field trip.

Day Ages Barcode Price
June 9-13 6-7 7403 $294
June 9-13 8-9 7404 $294
July 21-25 6-7 7405 $294

Field Biology

Explore the life of a wildlife biologist by studying living flora and fauna, and their relationship to their environment. Collect plant and animal specimens and understand the importance of the collecting process. Learn about the different biomes of Minnesota while learning some basic bird calls, and then go birding! Take a tour of the Bell Museum's mammal collections, and then try your hand at radio telemetry as you look for hidden animals around campus. Don't miss out on this exciting week of hands on learning as you explore the world of field biology!

Day Ages Barcode Price
August 11-15 8-9 7516 $284
August 11-15 10-12 7517 $284

Fish Finders

Get hooked on a lifetime activity! Explore underwater habitats, learn about water stewardship and regulations, and increase your fishing skills during this week with supplied equipment. Fun activities include fish anatomy, pop can casters, pond dipping and more! This camp takes place at the lake, so dress for outdoor activity.

Day Ages Barcode Price
June 23-27 9-11 7406 $289
August 4-8 7-9 7407 $289


Uncover the gross but fascinating characteristics of raptors. Learn why a Turkey Vulture poops on its feet and how it stays healthy even though it eats dead animals. Explore the difference between owl pellets and owl mutes. Look at the life cycles of some parasites that are "hitch hikers" on raptors and learn why these "natural recyclers" are an important part of the food chain. Try many hands-on activities and see live education owls, hawks, falcons, eagles, and a Turkey Vulture.

Day Ages Barcode Price
July 28 - Aug 1 8-9 7424 $294
July 28 - Aug 1 10-11 7425 $294

Honey Bees, Pollinators and Our Food

Observe working honey bees in their hive, extract & bottle honey, build bee nest boxes and try on a beekeepers suit. During this week you will learn the anatomy of a honey bee and how they differ between queen, workers, and drones. You will also find out what their life is like and how important they are to the ecosystem and the food we eat. Join us as we spend the week doing fun activities at the Bell Museum's Honey House!

Day Ages Barcode Price
June 23-27 10-12 7521 $284


Discover the University of Minnesota's Equine Center and the important services it provides to horses. Get to know the horses that now live there full time through hands-on training in care and handling. Campers will learn about animal safety, leading techniques and the basics of horse health and nutrition. Activities include horse management, feeding, basic grooming and a brief introduction to the three styles of riding. Campers will have the opportunity to sit on horses in different tack and be led in the arena to get a feel for what riding is all about. Camp does not include riding lessons.

Day Ages Barcode Price
July 21-25 9-11 7426 $329
July 28 - Aug 1 9-11 7427 $329
August 4-8 9-11 7428 $329

M.A.T.H. (Make Amazing Things Happen!)

This camp is full of ways to surprise you, whether you like math or not. Focus on the creative side and take the mystery out of math with Origami, secret codes, tessellations, polygons, fun math tricks and more. There are so many things to explore; each of these weeks will include different math related topics. Take them both for exponential fun!

Dates Ages Barcode Price
June 16-20 10-12 7442 $279
August 18-22 10-12 7443 $279

Natural Energy

The world is full of energy that doesn't need a cord, a switch, or an outlet to use. Explore nature's energy sources by making and racing solar cars, cooking in a solar oven, designing your own kite, launching water bottle rockets and more!

Dates Ages Barcode Price
June 16-20 9-11 7444 $289

Nature's Kitchen

Nature provides us with many fun and delicious food options! Make ice cream and soft pretzels, cook in a solar oven, try out cattail treats, and make lunch over a campfire. Dress for outdoor activity at the Nature Center.

Dates Ages Barcode Price
June 16-20 6-8 7446 $289
July 28 - Aug 1 6-8 7447 $289
August 4-8 9-11 7448 $289

Planetary Exploration

Why isn't Pluto a planet anymore? And is there really a planet that is made up of diamonds? Campers will investigate what makes a planet a planet, and how and why scientists are exploring space. This camp includes a session in the Bell Museum's ExploraDome.

Dates Ages Barcode Price
June 9-13 8-9 7526 $284

Raptor Vet

Come learn about life as a wildlife veterinarian at the Raptor Center, including the process of raptor rehabilitation from admission to release. Participate in lots of exciting hands-on activities and get up close and personal with live education eagles, hawks, owls and falcons. Camp also includes an extra field trip. A fun way to learn about the exciting science of veterinary medicine!

Dates Ages Barcode Price
July 7-11 9-11 7451 $294
July 7-11 12-15 7452 $294


Young engineers discover how to design, build and program robots as they work to investigate key concepts such as gear ratios, locomotion and energy – and dream up their own awesome robots using the acclaimed LEGO® MINDSTORMS® RCX robotics kit. Campers will have the opportunity to explore the mechanical and electrical engineering that makes robots possible while building the OWI Robot. This new program is designed to inspire young people and develop an early interest in robotics engineering and technology.

Dates Ages Barcode Price
August 4-8 12-15 7527 $339

Summer STEM Series

How does an idea become a thing? What makes these new things actually work? Explore engineering through activities that let you design, test, build and redesign products. Find out what an 'engineer' really does through fun, hands on, problem solving experiences. This is a unique opportunity to assist in testing new activities and teaching techniques made possible by a grant from the National Science Foundation with partners from the University of Minnesota's STEM Education Center and the College of Science and Engineering. Each week will include different activities, so repeat attendance is welcome. No experience or special skills necessary.

Explore the science of water and weather and learn how engineering can be used to build your own weather station, protect people from storms, or harvest energy from water.

Learn about the science of force and motion and use your knowledge to build exciting prototypes that defy the laws of physics!

Why do giraffes have long necks? Why do birds have different beaks? Learn how engineers are inspired by nature and design prototypes for everyday life using features found from plants and animals.

Explore a variety of science areas to inspire engineering designs and test your prototypes in unique and exciting challenges. Learn how to build a windmill, discover how animal characteristics inspire design, or test the laws of physics—the possibilities are endless!

Dates Ages Barcode Price
July 21-25 9-11 7472 $244
July 21-25 12-14 7473 $244
July 28 - Aug 1 9-11 7474 $244
July 28 - Aug 1 12-14 7475 $244
August 4-8 9-11 7476 $244
August 4-8 9-11 7477 $244
August 11-15 9-11 7478 $244
August 11-15 12-14 7479 $244
August 18-22 9-11 7480 $244
August 18-22 12-14 7481 $244

Vet Careers: Horses and More

Meet the horses at the University's Equine Center and learn about the Veterinarians, technicians, researchers, horse trainers and staff in equestrian management that work with them. Get hands on experience with basic equine skills such as heart rate measurement, identifying lameness and signs of colic, wrapping legs and treating wounds, and tests with horses exercising on treadmills. One day will be dedicated to an interactive program with Veterinary Medicine students presenting how all types of veterinarians affect the lives of different animals and people every day. Several hands-on activities and simulations will be enjoyed related to anatomy and real-life situations. No horseback riding is included and no open toe shoes are allowed.

Dates Ages Barcode Price
July 14-18 12-15 7498 $329

Wizarding World of Wildlife

In the tradition of Hogwarts, discover potions, herbology, transfiguration and the care of magical creatures. What do raptors have to do with dragons? Which magical house will you end up in? What magical properties will your wand be made out of? Find answers to these questions and uncover the secrets of Minnesota's 'Hedwig' and other interesting animals at the Raptor Center.

Dates Ages Barcode Price
June 16-20 8-9 7502 $294
June 16-20 12-15 7503 $294
June 23-27 8-9 7504 $294
June 23-27 10-12 7505 $294