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Olivia Wicker
[email protected](612) 626-9233

Indoor Triathlon 


Individual Registration

Team Registration

About Tri-U-Mah

30-minutes each of running, biking, and swimming. Teams can consist of 2 - 3 members, any gender combination or age. Awards are only given out for participants competing as individuals in a specific age group.

Individuals $55
Teams $75 / team



Winners are determined by total distance traveled in the 30-minute sections. Volunteers will record the total laps (swimming) and miles (biking and running) completed during the event. The total distance traveled will determine the top finishers for each age group. In addition to individual age group champions, there will be an overall male and female Tri-U-Mah winner.

Age Groups

Each age group is divided into male and female sections. Medals are awarded to the top three finishers in both the female and male age divisions.

  • 18 - 24
  • 25 - 29
  • 30 - 39
  • 40 - 49
  • 50 - 59
  • 60+


  • Participants should provide their own equipment such as swimsuits, caps, and biking and running shoes.
  • Refreshments and towels are provided.
  • The University Aquatic Center will be set up with 25-yard lanes.
  • Stages SC3 Indoor Cycle Bikes
  • Woodway Mercury Treadmills


Heats will consist of 18 participants. Each heat will have 10-minutes of transition time from the swim/bike sections and 5-minutes of transition time from the bike/run sections.


Contact Olivia Wicker at (612) 626-9233.