Activity Boxes To-Go

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Activity Boxes To-Go

Experience the fun and excitement of a YP camp at home! These all-inclusive activity boxes allow kids to learn, get active and be creative through a wide variety of self-guided and hands-on activities. We invite you to consider participating in our Buy One, Give One program to provide an activity box for a child whose family may not currently be in the financial position to offer this opportunity to their child.

All of the Activity Boxes and Camps-in-a-Box information can be found within our traditional topic areas (Minnesota Sport Schools, Kids' University, Discovering 'U', and Gopher Adventures) on this webpage and in our brochure. Boxes are available for purchase through ShopRecWell. If you have not already done so, you may have to set up an account. This account is different than your Activenet program registration account.

Shipping currently only available to Minnesota residents.

How It Works

  • Set up your account at Shop RecWell
  • Order activity box and choose from delivery or pick up options.
  • Activity Boxes can be mailed to Minnesota residents, or picked up curbside at the St Paul Gym. Pickup directions and additional access information will be displayed at checkout and emailed to you prior to your pickup date.
  • Participants would benefit from occasional access to a device or computer that allows them to access videos, but not required.
  • Kids will need a few common household supplies and items outside in a yard or natural area. A complete list of additional items needed will be included with the kit. 

Disclaimer: Activities are designed to be safe when instructions are followed, including wearing personal protective equipment and using materials appropriately. Parents/guardians are responsible for establishing a safe virtual and physical environment, including managing youth behavior with activity box materials.  All activity boxes are sold as is