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Intramural 3-v-3 Soccer Tournament

Intramural Sports is excited to host a 3-v-3 Soccer tournament in the Minneapolis Fieldhouse from October 20-21. Each team will have two pool play games on Monday, October 20th (6pm to 11pm). The top teams will be entered into the single elimination bracket on Tuesday, October 21st. Click Here to Register Specific tournament rules can be found Here. There is potential for 3-v-3 soccer to become an intramural league next semester. Come out and give this new sport a try!

Fresh Seasons Grand Opening Week

The Fresh Seasons Café and Juice Bar is excited to be celebrating its Grand Opening this week from October 1-3. To celebrate the occasion, Fresh Seasons is offering free food and juice samples, daily discounts on select menu items, and a chance to win prizes. The schedule for the week is as follows: Wednesday* 7:00-9:00am Free Samplings Featured Breakfast Item: sausage wrap Featured Juice: ACG 4:00-6:00pm Free Samplings Featured Lunch/Dinner Item: chicken shwarma Featured Juice: The Antidote *Featured items are also available for $1 off all day Thursday* 7:00-9:00am Free Samplings Featured Breakfast Item: TBD Featured Juice: Professor Green 4:00-6:00pm Free Samplings Featured  Lunch/Dinner Item: chicken lettuce wraps Featured Juice: The Cure *Featured items are also available for $1 off all day Friday 12:00-1:00pm Live cooking demonstration by Chef Rahl 1:00-1:30pm Fresh Seasons Grand Opening presentation Announcement of raffle prize winners at 1:30pm 1:30-2:00pm free juice samples Enter for Prize Drawings Visit the RecWell during the above sample times or share and retweet our #UMNfresh posts on Facebook and Twitter for your chance to win prizes, including a free lunch for four, 8 free bottles of juice, and Minnesota Vikings tickets. Stop by Fresh Seasons in the Minneapolis RecWell Center to join the festivities! For more information about the Fresh Seasons Café and Juice Bar visit their website at

Mountain Bike Basics Day Trip

Mountain Bike Basics Day Trip                                                     September 7 (Sunday, 11am-3pm) and October 11 (Saturday 10am-2pm) Minnesota Off Road Cyclists (MORC) maintain some amazing trails in the state.  Learn to mountain bike and take advantage of these great resources.  Students will learn the basics of bike handling, shifting and braking while enjoying the single track terrain, banked corners and rock gardens of Lebanon Hills. Register Online Today! Limit 5.  Price includes mountain bike, helmet, and water-bottle.  Cost $30 students / $40 general

Q&A with Fresh Season's Trent Taher

RecWell sat down with Fresh Seasons owner Trent Taher to discuss the inspirations behind their new food menu. RecWell: “Thanks for taking time to sit down with us Trent! How are you liking the new digs?” Trent Taher: “Yeah, no problem. It’s been good, it’s fun with the students being back in school.” RW: “What can those students expect to see from Fresh Seasons?” TT: “Our goal here is to make everything onsite in a crisp environment. We want to fuse the two sides of ourselves. Food is fuel, but food is fun. That’s what food is to me. Some people come to RecWell to work out and then eat something fresh, healthy, and targeted. Or they just want to indulge. We cater to both choices.” RW: “It seems like there is definitely some variability in the food options…” TT: “Through surveys we found that RecWell patrons wanted the extremes of the spectrum; not just a mesh of both. That is what you see around town, a mesh of healthy and not healthy. We serve an egg-white veggie wrap and a burrito with sausage, hash browns, and gravy. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum. You will see places that offer a salad loaded with cranberries, blue cheese, and walnuts with lots of dressing. When you look at it, is that actually healthy or something in between? That’s why we stick to the ends of the spectrum.” RW: “What is the influence for your food menu?” TT: “Fresh Seasons is very influenced by a trip to Israel and a trip Vietnam, so you see this in the food. Especially with the shawarmas and the lettuce wraps. A lot of the food itself, I call my comfort food, not like macaroni and cheese, but the same concept. The Chicken Shwarma is like a chicken burrito, but with hummus instead of guacamole; it is the street food of Israel.” RW: “This sounds like an international affair, but tell me about your local flair with the Kramarczuk's Brat Burger…” TT: “That’s the American side of it, Kramarczuk is just down the street. Who doesn’t love brats? Kramarczuk is a family owned business that really sticks to its guns, which we try to do in this organization. The idea for the brat burger started with a wild boar burger that I made at my house one day. However, the meat is too expensive. So we went over to Kramarczuk and they worked with us. We didn’t put much thought into it, just put it together. It went from a thought to a complete, finished product fairly quickly.” RW: “What makes Fresh Season’s food separate from other restaurants?” TT: “Everything that we have in terms of food has integrity or is whole. Coca-Cola is the most processed thing we have. Even our prepackaged food incorporates local, fresh food sources and our packaged snacks are mostly dried fruit. We focus on putting whole foods into your body.” RW: “You are making me hungry! Thanks again!” TT: “It is my pleasure.”

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