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Canoeing Day Trip – Calhoun, Isles, Cedar Lake

October 25 (Saturday, 11am-4pm), Calhoun, Isles, Cedar Lake        Spend an October afternoon paddling among the chain of lakes and seeing the fall colors of the city.  This is an excellent introduction to canoeing and canoe strokes, or an excuse to get out on the water one more time this fall. Register Online Today! Limit 10.  Cost $20 students / $25 general

Intramural Wiffleball Tournament

Does the World Series having you buzzing to swing a bat? Come out for a one-day, 5v5 Wiffleball tournament on Sunday, October 26th at noon. A complete list of rules can be found Here. Register Today!

Court Sports at RecWell

The University Recreation and Wellness Department has one of the best facilities in the country. Most would believe that this statement is referring to the recently added expansion, however squash instructor John Stever is referring to the court sport facilities. “As far as squash is concerned, this is the best facility outside of Chicago and the East coast.” Said Stever. Stever should know, he has played all three court sports (handball, racquetball, and squash) for a combined 49 years. Through his play he has made great connections and maintained his health, he describes, “It keeps me young.” A common face in the court sports corridor, Stever has focused his efforts on squash in recent years, including teaching the Kinesiology Squash class. What is Squash? Squash is a racquet sport played between two (singles) or four (doubles) people in a four-walled court. Similar to tennis, the players alternate shots until there is a winner. Unlike racquetball and handball, the squash ball is a dead, hollow ball. This establishes squash as a finesse game that relies on control, placement, and strategy. Invented in Great Britain around 1830, squash spread around British Empire. The sport spread and became popular in Canada, South Africa, France, India, and Egypt. The United States is slowly catching on with steady growing participation rates. Squash at RecWell The squash and court sport facilities have not always been nationally renowned. Stever explains, “Before the Rec Center, all of the court sport courts were under the old stadium. They were used, but it was awfully cold in the winter; the windows didn’t even close.” In 1990, the Recreation Center was built which included five squash courts and twelve racquetball/handball courts. This helped double the number of squash classes and gave dramatic rise to handball and racquetball classes. Squash, racquetball, and handball teams also grew with improvement of facilities, and three years ago, a women’s and men’s colligate traveling squash team was formed. The team competes all over the nation with upcoming matches in Annapolis, Maryland and Evanston, Illinois. Global Affair The connections that Stever has made through squash spans more than just the state of Minnesota, they reach global lengths. Stever tells the story of last year’s women’s squash captain, “She is getting married in India. I am invited to the wedding and plan on attending. While I am there, I will recruit some squash players.” A similar experience happened this year for Stever when he visited Kuwait to meet with friends and recruit. “The friendship is wonderful, and has become a global affair” Stever explained. Court Sports Open House On Thursday, October 23 from 5-9PM in in the Minneapolis RecWell Court Sports Corridor, RecWell patrons will have the opportunity to learn and play the three court sports. Come for music, food, and drinks while meeting people in the court sports community. Stever will surely be on hand, “I think that more exposure of these sports is great. All three are lifelong sports.” Kenny Devine is the Marketing and Communications Intern with University of Minnesota Recreation and Wellness

Court Sports Open House

Here is your chance to learn and play handball, squash, and racquetball as well as meet some active members of each club! There will be music, food, and drinks available during the event. There will also be a raffle drawing for prizes, gear, and more for all new attendees. You will have the opportunity to learn some of the skills of the court sports with free lessons from professionals, coaches, and fellow players.  No Equipment is necessary and will be provided. All skill levels are welcome Email for more details.

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