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Jobs at RecWell

RecWell is one of the largest employers on campus with over 780 student positions and 65 full-time positions. With a variety of program areas and facilities in Minneapolis and St. Paul there are opportunities for you to work in wellness.

Questions? Contact Latasha Stowe at or (612) 626-2642.

Current Openings

To apply for an open position please ensure you are logged into MyU and then visit the UMN Human Resources website and enter the Job ID in the "search jobs" area provided.

Student Positions

Area Position Job ID Application Deadline 
St. Paul Gym Receptionist 328141 January 20, 2019
St. Paul Gym Facility Supervisor 328140 January 20, 2019
Learn to Swim Senior Instructor 328027 February 28, 2019
Learn to Swim Swim Instructor 328026 February 28, 2019
Aquatics Event Technician 327894 February 04, 2019

RecWell Employee Development

Why Work at RecWell?

Employees are trained and developed to be leaders. There are opportunities to interact with a variety of people daily, use creativity and innovation, and make a difference in the wellness of people's lives. RecWell employees help to support the mission of enriching lives and encouraging lifelong wellbeing.