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3-5 years old. Our preschool classes focus on how to safely enjoy the water while gaining comfort and confidence. These classes are divided into three levels that include water safety and comfort, water independence, and swim strokes and fundamentals. Class size is limited to four participants per instructor. Each class session will be 35 minutes long.

Level 1 - Water Comfort & Safety

NOTE: This level was previously our Swarm level

Preschoolers will learn water safety and how to develop comfort with submersion, learn proper breath control, and front and back float with assistance. This class is designed for first-time swimmers and for children who are not yet comfortable being in the water.

Level 2 - Water Confidence & Independence

NOTE: This level was previously our Vikings level

Preschoolers will further focus on gaining confidence and independence in the water by concentrating on control and movement in the water. Participants will continue to practice water safety. This class is best suited for participants who need guided practice and are not yet able to independently swim on their own or stay afloat.

Level 3 - Stroke Fundamentals & Development

NOTE: This level was previously our Twins level

Preschoolers are introduced to arm/let action, rhythmic breathing, and will swim further distances up to 15 yards, both with assistance and independently. This class is best suited for participants who are unable to swim longer distanced independently.