Gray Ducks Swim Team

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What is the requirement?

For ages 6-17 years old. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards (the length of a pool) consistently and know all 4 strokes. Every swimmer must pass a swim evaluation which confirms these abilities. Please email [email protected] to schedule a swim evaluation.

What is the cost?

The below packages are monthly costs along with a registration fee. Each month we will send a reminder email to pay dues, which are listed below. Unfortunately, our registration system does not allow autopay, so you will be required to pay dues monthly. If you fail to pay your monthly dues your swimmer will not be allowed to practice until a payment has been made. You will be notified of upcoming payments one week before they are due.

The registration fee is a one time fee, paid when you first register your swimmer. This, along with a monthly package must be paid when you initially join the team. After that you will only pay the fee for the monthly package of your choice. The registration fee will not be charged every semester and you may choose to change packages between months. 

  • Registration fee: $75
  • 1 Day per Week Package: $75
  • 2-3 Days per Week Package: $125

Does my swimmer need to attend all three days?

No. When registering for Gray Ducks, you will have the option to choose the 1 day a week option, or 2-3 days a week option. The days you attend are completely up to you!

For example, you could buy the 2-3 days a week package and come Mondays/Wednesdays most weeks, but if something comes up, your swimmer can attend Monday/Thursday instead. Those who select the 1 day a week package may choose to attend any one of the three practices each week. We hope that this option will be a flexible and valuable option to your swimmer and your family.

Where are practices?

Minneapolis Recreation and Wellness Center - The Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center

A majority of the time your swimmer will be in the Natatorium. However, at times we may need to hold practices in the Cooke 15 or Cooke 10 pool due to pool schedules. If that is the case, we will be sure to communicate that with your swimmer. The Cooke 15 and Cooke 10 pools are down a hallway from the Natatorium so swimmers stay in the same building.

How does parking/drop off work?

Jean K. Freeman Aquatic Center is next to the University Parking Ramp located right off of University Ave. If you would like to park and watch your swimmer, you are more than welcome to. Your other option is to drop your swimmer off in the drop-off round-about in front of the University Parking Ramp where they will be met with a coach to walk them to the pool. Staying to watch is not required. 

What does my swimmer need to bring?

We recommend that your swimmer bring a “swim bag” complete with a kickboard, fins, and hand paddles. Along with those, a swimmer must always bring goggles. Swim caps are optional. If you are unable to provide your swimmer with equipment, you are welcome to reach out to us at [email protected]. We may be able to provide the recommended equipment, but it is not guaranteed. 

All of this equipment can be purchased here. 

Are there swim meets required?

Swim meets will not be required. We will be participating in 2 swim meets per school semester this year! Keep an eye out for updates on this from our Gray Ducks coaches.

Will there be summer options?

At this time, we do not offer summer practices. If there is enough demand for a summer option we will consider it based on staffing and pool availability.

Are the coaches University students?

Yes. We will have three highly skilled and consistent student coaches running practices.