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Come along with YP for a summer of full-day, in-person programming. Opportunities to participate will fall within our traditional topic areas (Minnesota Sport Schools, Kids’ University, Discovering ‘U’, and Gopher Adventures) and the Learn To: Climbing Club program.

All youth camp sessions typically include swimming and indoor rock climbing in addition to hands-on activities, themed projects, arts & crafts, and recreational games. Our Minnesota Sport Schools, Kids’ University, and Discovering ‘U’ programs feature 2.5 hours of instruction on a variety of topics including sports, art, natural sciences, and technology. Our Learn To: Climbing Club meets on select evenings each week to give youth the opportunity to explore the sport of rock climbing. Regardless of your child's interests, there is something for everyone!

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Kick off your summer with soccer, reach new heights in rock climbing, make a racquet on the tennis courts, and more.
Kids' University offers discovery in common University studies such as agriculture, ecology, language, math, and science. Activities to introduce or reinforce the fun of learning.
Let the creativity rule in a variety of interests in self-expression and skill development. Arts programs, as well as interdisciplinary, creative approaches, are featured.
Gopher Adventures offer weeks filled with fun and active days. Small, age-appropriate groups are great for developing interests, friendships, and problem-solving skills.
Parents and guardians can find all of the necessary documentation needed to register a child for a program and what you'll need to know before attending.
Donations enable youth to have a summer camp experience by providing support to families who have genuine financial need. Info & how to apply for assistance found here.

Price Increase FAQ

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Why are you increasing prices? How will the additional funds be used?

To continue offering valuable camps to our community, camp fees are increasing so we can provide competitive wages for our talented camp counselors, many of whom are college students. To recruit and retain high quality staff, our summer wages have increased by nearly 50% over the past two years. Combined with widespread inflation, this has impacted our ability to run financially sustainable programs.

What else are you doing to make camps affordable?

We are working closely with our partners to negotiate low costs so that we can provide a wide range of camp offerings at different price points. We are also increasing our camper-to-counselor ratio in some instances to expand opportunities to participate in our camps. We will continue to support families through our Campership Program by providing access and assistance for those in financial need.

How much are registration fees increasing and when will they go into effect?

Fees will increase by 15-25% and will go into effect for summer 2023 when registration opens mid-February.

Will you be raising prices every year?

While there are many factors beyond our control that go into determining pricing and make predictions difficult, we will work hard to keep costs low and be transparent about any future changes to prices.

What are you doing to retain and train your staff?

Our staff spend a full week in training, which includes traditional first aid, CPR, other relevant courses in mental health first aid, and active threat training. We provide ongoing development opportunities for our staff throughout the summer and provide resources to support their individual mental health while on the job.