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What is Group Fitness?

Group Fitness is instructor-lead fitness classes. Any fitness level is encouraged to try Group Fitness. 

Groups are typically large. Check out our small group training or one-on-one personal training options for a more personalized experience.



Is there a cost to participate?

To attend class a FitPass must be purchased. A FitPass is an all-access pass that will allow you join any fitness class for the semester it is purchased. 

Learn more about purchasing a FitPass.

Not ready to purchase a FitPass? Check out our free options!

How do I purchase a FitPass?

A FitPass can be purchased at shoprecwell.umn.edu or visit our front desk. FitPasses are semesterly and can only be used during the semester they are purchased. Learn more about purchasing a FitPass.

  • Student Price: $40
  • Non-Student: $50

If I have a FitPass, do I still have to register for each class?

Yes. After you have a FitPass you will be able to sign-up for each class you want to attend. There is no further cost to register for each class. Registering allows are instructors to check you in, ensure we have enough space and equipment for everyone, and alert you if the class is cancelled or the location changes,

What classes are offered?

We offer a variety of fitness classes and format for all levels and abilities. We add new class options every semester. Classes offered include yoga, HITT, cycling, Zumba, pilates, water aerobics, and more!

View all class descriptions or view the current schedule of what is offered this semester.

Where are the classes?

Classes are offered at University Recreation and Wellness and St. Paul Gym. Check the class schedule to view the room location. Often, classes can be found in the locations:

  • Cycle Studio: Lower Level of Recreation and Wellness
  • Multipurpose Room 3/4: 2nd floor of Recreation and Wellness
  • Multimporise Room 6: 4th floor of Recreation and Wellness
  • Pool: Lower Level of Recreation and Wellness or Basement Level of St. Paul Gym
  • Studio: 2nd floor of St. Paul Gym


What do I need to bring?

We suggest a water bottle and towel. You also have the option of bringing your own mat, but all equipment is provided.