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Program Information


Programs are specifically planned for the ages that are advertised within each description, and exceptions are rarely made. Keep in mind that participants not only spend 2.5 hours in their chosen topic of interest, they also spend the entire day and week together participating in organized physical activities and building relationships within their groups.

Camp Times

Convenient, supervised drop off and pick up times are included for no additional fee. Detailed information regarding check in and out procedures, as well as relevant health considerations prior to your camp start date will be shared via email.

Check In 8:00-8:45am
Participants must be checked in no later than 8:45am.

Check Out 4:00-5:00pm
Late pick ups will be assessed an additional fee.

Early Pick Up
During the camp day, early pick up may not be available for all camps due to travel and potential off site activities. When possible, early pick up may be arranged in advance from 12:00 - 1:00pm only. Some camps may not be eligible for early pick up. We strongly recommend that you plan appointments and other commitments around the camp times.
We are not able to accommodate early pick up between 3:00-4:00pm.

We are programs on the go! We will not compromise group activities to make individual arrangements for special drop- off and pick-up considerations. Be aware that children arriving late or leaving early may miss programming time.

About Our Summer Staff

The people who work for University Youth Programs are our biggest asset. Their special interest in education and youth development, and their enthusiasm for physical activity and learning make all programs a fun experience. University students and other adults from the community work as group leaders, program coordinators, and office staff. Staff will be actively engaged and participate in the activities with the youth.

Camp Leadership

Each summer an experienced Leadership Team is employed to run our programs. This is a seasoned group of Coordinators with experience at camp and beyond. Together they oversee the daily operations and ensure a fun and high quality experience for all.

How Staff are Chosen

Staff are chosen based on their previous experiences with youth, with preference given to those with a background in education, recreation, or child development. Many staff have prior experience at other summer camps or in a school setting.

Staff Training

All staff are CPR and Standard First Aid certified, have passed a background check, and have participated in extensive orientation and training programs. These initiatives emphasize safety and provide tools and resources for addressing common situations that may arise.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

All parents/guardians are expected to read and follow the information in the Parent Handbook, as well as program information that is provided to you prior to the start of your child’s participation. The handbook is available for viewing online on our website. Important details regarding program operations, login information, policies & procedures, contact numbers, and more will be included in pre-program emails. If you do not receive this information via email approximately one week prior to your particular programs’ start date (at the latest), email us at [email protected]. Also, check your registration account to ensure that you have opted in to receive emails from us and have not unsubscribed.

Where To Go / What To Bring


All programs are based at the St. Paul Gym at 1536 N Cleveland Avenue, St. Paul, 55108, (two blocks south of Larpenteur Avenue). Look for colorful flags and the Summer Programs Welcome Banner.

Check In & Parking

You may park in the meters in Lot SC171 or directly across the street in Lot SC175. There is no fee during the drop off and pick up hours for these two designated areas. Do not park in the Contract Lot adjacent to the meters. These spots are for contract owners only, and you may be ticketed.

Please Be Patient 

When you arrive there may be lines. Please be mindful of those around you. An adult must wait with their youth until a Youth Programs staff member checks you in.

Check Out- Sign Up to Sign Out!

All youth must be signed out in person at the St. Paul Gym by an authorized adult. The adult must be on the approved pick up list and must show a photo I.D. Make sure all adults, including legal guardian names, are on the registration form as possible authorized pick up persons when you register.

Late Pick-Up: There is a late charge that is due immediately upon arrival. See the Parent Handbook for details. You must pick up your child within the pick up window provided. Inability or unwillingness to do so may result in late fees being assessed and/or dismissal from the program.

What to Bring Everyday

  • Dress for activity - wear athletic shoes and socks
  • Outdoor gear - water bottle, bug spray, sunscreen, and hat
  • Plan for cool, damp mornings as well as hot afternoons
  • A swimsuit and towel
  • A bag to carry all belongings (be sure to label everything)
  • A nutritious non-perishable lunch, snacks and beverages
  • Rain gear if rain is in the forecast

Note: Lunches are not provided. If your child does not bring lunch, a parent/guardian will be contacted to bring one. If we are unable to contact a parent/guardian, a lunch will be purchased. There is a $20 fee due upon pick-up for all purchased lunches.


Keep at Home

  • Electronic devices such as music players, hand held games, cell phones, apple watches, air pods, etc.
  • Fevers and contagious illness (consult the Parent Handbook for guidelines)
  • Toys or personal sports equipment (unless requested)
  • Pocket knives, weapons or look-alike weapons


Safety & Behavior

Safety and Behavior

Youth Programs Staff will make every effort to maintain a safe and enjoyable program for all. Participants are expected to follow basic rules of safety and respect, similar to a school setting. Participants are also expected to follow safety rules to minimize the risk of exposure to Covid 19. Parents or guardians will be informed of these procedures & guidelines, as well as discipline details in the Parent Handbook and are expected to support the policies and procedures of the program and staff. Measures will be taken to redirect and improve behaviors when appropriate and to work with parents/guardians on this. Tips or information in advance to help prevent and/or address specific needs for your child are helpful. Behaviors or incidents of an ongoing, unsafe, serious and/or threatening nature may be cause for removal from the program without refund or credit.


The majority of our activities take place outdoors. Because we cannot depend upon nature to be completely cooperative, alternative programming may be necessary when weather conditions become unsafe, uncomfortable or too unpredictable. Please send rain gear to camp with your child if rain is in the forecast.

Summer Staff

The employees of University Youth Programs are the biggest asset. Their special interest in today’s youth and their enthusiasm for physical activity and learning make all programs a fun experience. University students and other adults from the community work as group leaders, program coordinators, and office staff. All staff is CPR and First Aid certified, trained in concussion awareness and prevention, have passed a criminal background check, and have participated in extensive orientation and training programs.

Registration, Payment, and Cancellations

Register Online

Online registration is the preferred method and is the only method which accepts credit cards; and is conveniently available 24 hours a day. Your program selections are immediately confirmed through online registration, and receipts are immediately available for your personal records. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are all accepted payment methods online.

Telephone and fax registrations are not accepted.

To register by mail or in person, mail or hand deliver the completed paper registration forms to the following address:

University Youth Programs, 104b St Paul Gym, 1536 N. Cleveland Ave, St. Paul, MN 55108

Include the full amount due by check payable to the University of Minnesota. We cannot accept credit card payment for mail or in person, paper registrations. Registration in a program is not confirmed until completed registrations forms, waivers, and payments have been received and confirmed by Youth Programs staff.

Making a Payment

Payments for online registration must be made in full to register. If a program is full, you will be given the option to be put on a waitlist. There is no charge for waitlisting.

All registrations will have a Convenience Fee added to the transaction. This amount is added on as a flat fee to your transaction total and goes directly to our registration service provider. The flat fee is only added one time per transaction to the total amount, even if you are registering for multiple programs at that time. If registration is done separately for programs, the convenience fee applies to each transaction. Plan ahead and save on fees.

Confirmations and Waitlists

  • Confirmation of registration is provided immediately with the online registration process. Check receipts carefully and make note of the dates.
  • You will not receive reminders of your registration until approximately one week prior to your program start date. View registrations online in your account. Make sure to provide an email address you check often.
  • Confirmation for paper registrations may take up to two weeks and will be emailed upon completion. Make sure to provide an email address you check often.
  • If a choice is full, please make another selection and request to be placed on a waiting list for future openings.
  • Youth Programs will call or email wait lists when and if a space becomes available. Openings may occur any time from registration start up to one week prior to the program start date.
  • If a child is on a waiting list, Youth Programs will call when space becomes available. Openings may occur anytime from registration startup to one week prior to the program start date.
  • Parents/Guardians will need to respond within 24 hours of the initial contact to confirm, or the next child on the list will gain priority.
  • Wait-listing does not guarantee that a child will get into a program. It is recommended to register for a second choice. There is an option to transfer from a second choice into the original program if it opens up.
  • If you are called from the wait list, you will have the choice to transfer to your first choice without the change fee. A processing fee may still apply.

Requests for Cancellations and Changes

Requests for transfers, changes or cancellations must be received in writing one month (30 days) prior to the start of the program by emailing [email protected]. No verbal or phone requests are permitted and changes cannot be made online. Some programs may have earlier cancellation deadlines due to holidays and office closures.

  • All requests for changes or cancellations will be charged a $15 processing fee.
  • All cancellations/withdrawals made by the deadline are charged a $60 non-refundable deposit per program. This deposit is assessed immediately from the date of registration.
  • Cancellations due to medical circumstances will need a doctor’s note and written request. Refunds or credits for medical issues will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • All cancellations must be made at least one month prior to the specific program start date, or the entire program fee is forfeit.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any program for any reason we deem necessary. We will give as much notice as possible, and communicate your options which may include, but are not guaranteed or limited to, transferring your registration or receiving a refund.
  • Special Cancellation Deadline: Cancellations for the week of July 10th must be made in writing no later than June 5th to account for the one week program and office closure due to the July Fourth Holiday.

Insufficient Enrollment Cancellations

If we must cancel a program due to insufficient enrollment or any other circumstance beyond our control, we will offer a full refund or issue credit towards another program (minus the registration transaction fee). Any program not meeting the minimum enrollment by the Monday before it starts will be canceled and you will be contacted. Note that some programs have earlier deadlines.

Required Forms & Waivers

All registrants must complete the registration agreement, waivers, and medical information either on the paper registration form or online. Completed, signed forms and waivers are required before youth will be allowed to participate.

Fax, email, or deliver completed waivers to the office at least one week in advance of the program start date. Contact the YP Office at [email protected] if you need a hard copy of waivers.

Special Registration Deadline

Registration for the week of June 10th closes on Sunday, May 26th, 2024. There is an early registration deadline for camps the week of July 8th - registrations will be accepted no later than June 23rd. All other registrations close two Sundays prior to that camp’s start date.

Special Cancellation Deadline

Cancellations for the week of July 8th must be submitted in writing no later than June 3rd to account for the one week camp and office closure for the July Fourth Holiday.

Tax Credits, Flex Spending, and Receipts

Summer camps also qualify for child care reimbursement, flex spending accounts, and tax credits. Tax ID number (41-6007513) and proof of amount paid are found on receipts. If you need to request a past year's receipt, view the directions here.

2024 Summer Program Brochure

Parent/Guardian Handbook

Waivers and Forms

Waiver forms for University Youth Programs are available for download. Please print the PDF forms, fill out and sign them, and mail, fax, or deliver them to the YP Office immediately upon registration. Your registration is not complete until we receive these additional applicable waivers.
Medication Permission Form


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