Fitness Assessments

two individuals using the bod pod with the title "fitness assessments"

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  • Student: $15
  • Non-Student Member: $25
  • Non-Member: $40

Appointment Times

Tuesdays, 11:00am-1:00pm

Allow up to 30 minutes per appointment.



Email [email protected] to sign up. Let them know your name, preferred time, whether you’re a student or non-student, and if you have a preference on a male or female staff member assisting you.

Note: during the appointment you will be in enclosed space to properly measure your body composition. This is not recommended for individuals who are uncomfortable with small enclosed spaces.

Before the Appointment

For best test results, do not workout before your appointment or eat a big meal/drink a lot of water.

What to Wear

Once in the BodPod room, be prepared to change into proper clothes for the assessment. For best results, you will want to wear tight fitting clothes, like spandex shorts, or sports bra, or a swimsuit. You will want to remove all jewelry and accessories. The staff will also provide you with a swim cap. Loose clothing, jewelry, and loose hair will affect your results.


When you get to your appointment check-in at the member services desk at Minneapolis RecWell Center, they will alert the staff you have arrived for your appointment. The staff will take you to the North side of our building where our BodPod assessment room is located.

What to Expect

During the appointment, the staff will ask a series of questions (name, birthdate, gender, ect.) and take your height and weight. This information helps to make sure the calculation the machine is using is correct and allows us to retrieve your information if you come back in for additional tests. The staff will also do some additional calibrating of the BodPod. Once you are ready for testing they will step out of the room if you need to change.

Once in the BodPod, the staff will do a series of tests, opening the door in between tests. Sit still and try to breathe normally for best results. You may hear popping noises or feel changes in pressure, this is normal. If you feel uncomfortable and would like to end the test there is a release button on the bottom left of the machine (behind your feet) that will release the door and cancel the test.

Once the test is complete, let the staff know if you prefer your results in lbs or kg. The staff will print the results for you. You will see your body fat (% and weight), fat free mass (% and weight), body volume, body density, thoracic gas volume, and estimated resting metabolic rate. 

Not your first test? Let the staff know you have done BodPod testing with us before. They can print our results from all previous appointments and as well as comparison charts to show your changes over time.

Looking to follow-up on your results? Try our personal training program to talk about your BodPod results more closely with a certified trainer.

Cleaning and Safety Precautions

The BodPod is disinfected between all appointments. 

Any borrowed clothing items (including the swim caps) are washed after every appointment.